Batcave Home Theatre

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I have to admit upfront that I love Batman. For my money, Batman Begins was one of best films of last year. So I can just imagine what it would be like to watch the HD-DVD version in this Batcave Home Theatre, specially designed by DC Audio Video Systems.


The cave features 8 motorized black leather recliners and a TV suitable enough for Bruce Wayne's bedroom (his living room has one of those 102-inch LGs). When I own a house with a gigantic basement, I'm totally converting it into a Batcave and blog on my Batcomputer while wearing my cape and cowl.

DC Audio Video Systems' Batcave Home Theater Room [CEPro]


The Batcave theater was completed in 2006 for a brilliant and wonderful woman who indeed enjoys her natural surroundings. Like many of the ammenities of her beautiful home, she spared no expense in achieving her precise desire. The theater has served for many years as a thrilling source of entertainment for her relatives and guests. At the time of design, this dedicated home theater featured leading edge technologies for the projection, audio, video, processing, distribution,thermal management and control. Although the models have changed over the years, we still rely on the leading manufactuers for high end home electronics such as Sim2, B&K, Extron, Litetouch, Lutron and Extron and Monster Cable. We now operate under the name DC Home Systems and are providing all of the latest home enhancing technologies for discerning clients in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts or any where you would like to fly us! See what we're up to in 2010 []