Batter Blaster Spews Canned Pancakes Like They're Easy Cheese

Illustration for article titled Batter Blaster Spews Canned Pancakes Like Theyre Easy Cheese

Pancakes are a pain in the ass to make, but not any more with Batter Blaster. Just spray this organic pancake goo onto a hot skillet and your steamy breakfast is just a couple of minutes away, bacon not included. If you don't mind using Cheez Whiz Easy Cheese in its spray can, this looks like just about the same concept except it's pancake slime instead of orange cheesy crud. One problem we see right away, though, is there are just eight servings per can. You know how that goes with serving numbers on packages—if it says the package will serve 8, that's only true if seven people aren't eating. For an even easier battered breakfast experience, you could just skip all this canned goodness and pop a couple of Eggos in the toaster. [Batter Blaster, via Strange New Products]

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halloweenjack, King of the Wild Frontier

@Snorbalp: Just thought of a great Halloween costume concept... too bad that it would require a hot griddle for the full effect.