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Battery-on-a-Smart-Cover Is the Ghost of Smart Cover Future

Illustration for article titled Battery-on-a-Smart-Cover Is the Ghost of Smart Cover Future

Strapping a battery to the face of your Smart Cover isn't exactly a teerrrrible idea—it's actually kind of cool—but it's also kind of lazy and half-realized. Why not build the battery into the Smart Cover panels? That we'd pay money for.


As it stands, Brando's Anytone Smart Cover battery is decent enough for what it is. The 3000mAh battery is just under half the iPad 2's 10-hour, 6930mAh monster, and can actually be used with your iPhone, too. It weighs 78g and is ~6mm thick, which isn't bad, really, but it's hard to look at the thing without thinking it should just be inside the panel. Can some nice, non-design-and-engineering-challenged company make that happen? Please? [Brando]

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I would think that building the battery into the panels would not work. The constant bending of the connecting wires to put the batteries in series or parallel would break over time and then you would be stuck with a cover that weighs a lot and provides no charge.