Battery Powered Yarn Illuminates Clothing, Mostly Breasts

Illustration for article titled Battery Powered Yarn Illuminates Clothing, Mostly Breasts

Researchers in England have developed a battery powered textile yarn that can be used to illuminate the clothes of joggers, cyclists, or outdoor workers for protection. This electroluminescent yarn, or "EL yarn," is technically a multi-layer electroluminescent film composite material made from yarn and dipped in a special light-emitting ink on the inside, with a insulated covering and a second layer of yarn on the outside. When electricity runs through the yarn and ink, an electric field is created that illuminates any point where the outer and inner layers of yarn touch. Naturally, this would have a myriad of non-practical uses, not the least of which would be drawing more attention to the breasts of female club-goers. [TG Daily]



An electrical field?


Like I don't have enough trouble already shocking the sh#! outta myself with static electricity as it is...