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We may earn a commission from links on this page

Battle other builders to win a Lego Bionicle mask made of GOLD

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We thought that the prize for this competition was going to be one of the masks featured at this years New York Comic Con, but it is actually this one, valued at $2000. If you are awesome enough, it could be yours. Just win a multi-site building competition that is being held from now until December 1, 2014.

The official rules of the competition are here, but the simple breakdown is as follows. I would suggest entering at ReBrick first.


How to enter

To enter, you have to create a villain using a minimum of 75% LEGO® Constraction/Technic bricks and no more than 25% System bricks. You submit photos of your villain to the site where you wish to enter. It is allowed to submit your creation to multiple sites. It is also allowed to submit multiple entries. You may build in LDD, but we will only accept rendered versions of the LDD files.



On each site:

1st prize – 6 new Bionicle heroes, signed by the designer

2nd prize – 3 selected Bionicle heroes

3rd prize – 1 selected Bionicle hero

The overall winner, chosen from among the 6 winners. will receive a unique 14 karat gold Bionicle mask, only available through this competition.

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