Click to viewBattlestar Galactica! Starbuck! Fracking Battlestar Galactica! Today! Starbuck! Fraksters! Did you forget something about it? Shame on you! But don't worry: get up to speed with this 8-minute summary video of the whole series, you fracking Cylons! And then, skip the need to watch the Final Season by reading our exclusive BSG spoilers list.

BSG Spoiler List

• Lightsabers will debut this season.

• Cylons build a fully armed and operational battle station. From a distance, it looks like a moon.

• A Colonial Raptor lands in a new planet and one of Galactica's pilots gets attacked by some kind of bug that attaches to his face.

• Galactica flight deck crew install a new weapon in a Viper apparently called "Death Blossom."

• Galactica has a problem with its heating system, but another Colonial Raptor lands in a forest planet to discover a large population of small, bear-like creatures living on trees. They kill them all and make nice coats for everyone in the ship. Colonist rejoice. Viewers too.

• In the final episode, we discover that President Roslin is really a lizzard with fake skin (that was a given, quite frankly.)

• Galactica then arrives to Earth, only to discover a world full of monkeys. They also kill them all.

• In the final scene, Starbuck and Apollo discover the hand and the head of big woman statue, made out of copper, coming out of a beach's sand. They don't know what the frack that means, but finally make love next to it.

• Starbuck discovers she's Apollo's sister.


Frack! Shine a Light and now this. Adrenaline is pumping out of my ears. [Video from io9]

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