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Battlestar Galactica Exclusive Spoilers, and 8-Minute Video Summary

Click to viewBattlestar Galactica! Starbuck! Fracking Battlestar Galactica! Today! Starbuck! Fraksters! Did you forget something about it? Shame on you! But don't worry: get up to speed with this 8-minute summary video of the whole series, you fracking Cylons! And then, skip the need to watch the Final Season by reading our exclusive BSG spoilers list.

BSG Spoiler List

• Lightsabers will debut this season.

• Cylons build a fully armed and operational battle station. From a distance, it looks like a moon.

• A Colonial Raptor lands in a new planet and one of Galactica's pilots gets attacked by some kind of bug that attaches to his face.

• Galactica flight deck crew install a new weapon in a Viper apparently called "Death Blossom."

• Galactica has a problem with its heating system, but another Colonial Raptor lands in a forest planet to discover a large population of small, bear-like creatures living on trees. They kill them all and make nice coats for everyone in the ship. Colonist rejoice. Viewers too.

• In the final episode, we discover that President Roslin is really a lizzard with fake skin (that was a given, quite frankly.)

• Galactica then arrives to Earth, only to discover a world full of monkeys. They also kill them all.

• In the final scene, Starbuck and Apollo discover the hand and the head of big woman statue, made out of copper, coming out of a beach's sand. They don't know what the frack that means, but finally make love next to it.

• Starbuck discovers she's Apollo's sister.


Frack! Shine a Light and now this. Adrenaline is pumping out of my ears. [Video from io9]

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More Spoiler:

- Cylon tries to destroy all humans on earth but the rebellion is hard to beat. So they send one cylon back in the past to kill the mother of the leader of the rebels in the future.

- In the end, the humans eventually defeated all the cylons... except for one. Although he must let the world think that he is dead, until he can find a way to control the raging spirit that dwells within him. Dun dun DUN DUN DUNN!!!!