BBC: Don't Worry About The New Who

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Anyone worried that Doctor Who may become less important to the BBC without Russell T Davies can calm down, according to the broadcaster. A spokesman is already telling people that they're "hugely committed" to the new regime.


Talking to nervous fans - and we're including ourselves in that - head of communications at BBC Vision, Julian Payne, told WalesOnline:

We view [the new Doctor and new production team] as a very exciting opportunity for the show. We remain hugely committed to the brand of Doctor Who in all its forms, and we have a wonderful new team in place who are very excited about taking the show on new adventures... We can absolutely assure fans of the show that the investment in the new series, in terms of the money and talent that has gone into it, is unparalleled. Rather than seeing the regeneration as a negative thing, I think it's quite the opposite and we fully expect Matt to deliver. There are many years of exciting viewing still to come, though we're enormously grateful for the work Julie Gardner, David Tennant and Russell T Davies have brought to the series.

Count us semi-relieved, if still slightly nervous that they felt the need to comment on the situation only days after the last Davies/Tennant episode...

BBC ‘hugely committed' to Doctor Who [WalesOnline]


Nick Burns, Your Company's Computer Guy

I don't see why anyone is making a big fuss about Tennant leaving. Tom Baker was on the show for alot longer and was well considered the best doctor ever at the time he left (as with almost all doctors) and he was replaced, and people still watched and enjoyed, and that is exactly how the situation with Tennant will be, I believe.

The BBC wouldn't just put any actor into the major role of their longest running show. They have to see something good about him.