BBQ Spatula with Built-In Meat Thermometer

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Some of us are not exactly talented in the kitchen or around the grill, and sometimes it's a little difficult to tell when something is done just by "feel." That's where this $20 BBQ Spatula with a cooking thermometer attached can be a lifesaver, telling you if all those creepy crawlies are cooked out of that prize-winning chicken you're grilling. Poke the probe on the heel of the spatula into that meat, and you'll get a digital readout as well as a scale showing you ideal safe-cooked internal temperatures for beef, lamb, pork, chicken and turkey.

Or if you're cooking a steak, you could just do what pro chefs teach their students, where you can tell the doneness of the steak by comparing it to the firmness of your hand in various states. Make a fist, and the space where your thumb and index finger meet feels like the firmness of a well-done steak. Hold your thumb lightly against your forefinger, and that area of your hand will compare in firmness to a steak cooked medium. Let your hand go limp, and that's rare. You heard it here first. Now if you burn the steak by using this method, you can blame me.

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