BBQ Sword Makes You the Swashbuckler of Sausages

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En Garde meat products! Armed with your BBQ sword you can finally take your rightful place at the grill as the Musketeer of meats. Plus, with the handy eye mask that is included, you can maintain your secret identity. Just remember, theatrics are the name of the game for any superhero—so make sure to "sign" your KC masterpieces with a Zorro-esque slash of your sword. Available soon for around $29. [Firebox via NOTCOT]


@OMG! Ponies!: I would love to go to Coney, though I am not a "ride" person, and the the baseball game and hotdogs sounds great, unfor, I have a vacation with the FA.MI.LY. (5 frigging generations of annoying) right before that and wont be able to come. I want them to webcast it though so I can be there virtually.