It was a great day to be this Colorado bear yesterday. After breaking into a local pie shop, Sir Bear helped himself to some pie. Matter of fact, he helped himself to all the pie, except for the strawberry rhubarb.

“Just devoured pies, sugar, cocoa and left a mess behind,” Colorado Cherry Company owner Kristi Lehnert told KDVR.


The bear left a fucking mess. Via 9New Colorado

According to Lehnert, the bear broke into her store through a window and proceeded to gobble down 24 cherry pies and 14 apple pies. But here’s where the bear and I have idealogical differences: He didn’t touch a single strawberry rhubarb pie. Not a one. What gives, bear?

I’m not sure, but I think we all learned an important lesson about the best type of pie to take camping. After all, bears seem pretty good at breaking into every bear-proof container we invent. Maybe technology wasn’t the answer. Maybe it was rhubarb.

[KDVR and 9News Colorado h/t BoingBoing]

Top image: The bear. Via KDVR


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