A quick YouTube search will pull up countless video reenactments of this Beastie Boys jam by suburban bros. It's an anthem for losers—a hip hop relic realized with the brute force of cock rock. Thank Rick Rubin.

You could probably write a tome about the Beastie Boys, Licensed to Ill, Def Jam Records and how Rick Rubin and Russell Simmons changed music forever. (In fact, someone kind of just did that.) But here's a song that pretty much encapsulates it all. Musically it was and continues to be a total heresy. White dudes and hip hop was as problematic a combination then as rap/rock is today. Still, you've heard this song a million times on the radio, at your prom, on MTV, on your iPod, and now on a gadget blog. Frat boys and nerds alike can't get enough. Why? Because it rocks! Because it says something bigger about how young people feel without taking itself remotely seriously. It's as fun as it is poignent. You can pretend to hate it—that it's a tired old gaucherie from a bygone year—you know where the Beasties would tell you to stick it? [Amazon, iTunes, Spotify]