Beatles Catalog Online: Mojo Filtered?

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We've heard this so many times, we're reluctant to believe it: Again there are reports that that the Beatles will release their music catalog online. But the deal seems to be groovin' up slowly. No sooner had a tease of "an exciting new digital offering" been released from EMI Group—the label that's handled the Beatles in England since the beginning—when "a source familiar with the situation" said that for some reason the announcement tomorrow morning won't include the Beatles after all. What a letdown! The event was even supposedly going to include a special live performance.

However, for some reason, EMI will still be holding a news conference in London, and Apple CEO Steve Jobs will be there, too. WTF is Steve Jobs going to be doing at an EMI press conference if it has nothing to do with the Beatles on iTunes? Other EMI artists? Your guess is as good as ours. We'll find out at 8 a.m. EDT, when there will be a webcast of the event. If this is another false alarm, we're going to have to shoot some Coca-Cola or something. We'll update you as soon as we find out anything.


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