Beatles Losers in Apple vs. Apple Case

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When the Beatles and Steve Jobs somehow both decided to call their companies Apple, someone would inevitably be singing the song "I'm a Loser." In a court battle over whether iPods and iTunes will still be allowed to carry an Apple logo, a British judge ruled that Apple Computer has a store and a music player, and the music itself doesn't have Apple logos on it, so there's no harm, no foul.

Taking a conciliatory tone toward Apple Corps, the Beatles' company, Apple CEO Steve Jobs held out the olive branch:

"We have always loved The Beatles, and hopefully we can now work together to get them on the iTunes Music Store."


But former Beatles roadie and now Apple Corps manager Neil Aspinall was obviously not happy with the decision:

"With great respect to the trial judge, we consider he has reached the wrong conclusion...We will accordingly be filing an appeal..."


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