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Beautician Enlarges Breasts and Makes Women Prettier By Beating the Crap Out of Them

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This is so bizarre it reads like a Monty Python skit: A Bangkok beautician claims that she can make you beautiful, thinner and enlarge your breast by beating the crap out of you. Shockingly, Thailand's government has approved her technique.

Khemmikka Na Songkhla uses slapping to "re-shape" your body, claiming that she can make you pretty in just a few sessions. Not only does she practice her technique on gullible girls, but actually teaches it to similar gullible people/scammers:

We have slapping training courses, from head to toe, including body-slapping, face-slapping, breast-slapping and buttock-slapping. If clients want breast-slapping treatment, we have to see their breasts and measure their size first. If your breasts are 30 inches, for example, we will record that with your signature. After treatment, your breasts will be enlarged to 32 inches. We will record it and you have to sign again.


Clearly, I've overestimated humanity once again. This is what one of her students had to say, obligatory "before" and "after" photo in hand:

I learned face-slapping because I believe it is a one million per cent natural beauty treatment. When I saw what happened to my face, the face-slapping training course became very interesting to me.


But the most surprising fact is that she has been slapping people for almost two decades. Could this actually work or is it just a trick? Perhaps it isn't that crazy and the repeated hitting causes some tissue to swell for some period of time, altering the shape of your body for real.

Or perhaps it's just all bullshit. I bet people wearing PowerBalance bracelets would know. In the meantime, are there any plastic surgeons in the room? Please fell free to laugh in the comments.