Because You Wanted Android on a Landline, Right?

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Android OS is so commonly found in cellphones and tablets that it's easy to forget its other uses. Like on a home phone?

The $160 Smart Home Phone is like a smartphone but, um, minus the cellular connectivity. Instead, it connects to a landline and acts like a normal DECT wireless phone. Just, with apps. Imagine: You're sitting at home and want to use an app, but your actual smartphone happens to be wedged deeply in your skinny jeans' pocket. You could stand up and dig it out or you could reach for your conveniently placed Smart Home Phone. (Oh, and Google contact sync is probably majorly handy.)

The $150 Archos 35 Home Connect is like a Chumby, minus the cuteness. It's not portable enough to be a tablet and not big enough to be a computer—it's more at home sitting on a nightstand, playing tunes from one of its 50,000 internet radio stations. Other features include an alarm clock app, weather forecasts, and video calling. Since it runs on Android, it could potentially be hacked to do a lot more as well. [Ubergizmo]