Beceem BCS200 Chipsets Break the WiMAX Speed Record

Beceem Communications sustained a speedy 33Mbps downlink/uplink throughput in a demo of its BCS200 WiMAX Wave 2 chipsets. Hey, that's fast! Beceem calls itself the top provider of chipsets for Mobile WiMAX technology, and the company hopes the BCS200 will be able to bolster the capabilities of a variety of WiMAX products with speeds approaching DSL.

This is good news for wireless service providers signing with WiMAX, as Beceem claims its new Wave 2 chip will not only be much faster (as it's proven), but operate with much less processing strain and improved roaming with the chip's "dynamically programmable channel bandwidths from 5MHz to 10MHz". Bring it on, 'cause faster speeds make higher quality version of things we all enjoy, such as music, video, and games.


Product Site [Beceem Communications]

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