Beer Opening and Pouring Robot is the Pinnacle of Human Achievement

There are plenty of robots out there that claim to benefit humanity, whether they're helping with surgery or shooting terrorists in the face, but I mean, where's the immediate benefit to me in those situations? I need immediate gratification, preferably in beer form. That's why I nominate this robot as the official Gizmodo Best Robot Made to Benefit Humanity in Terms of Direct Impact on Humans: it opens and pours beers all by itself! Well, don't that beat all! [TechEBlog]



Does this seek out the bottle or does it have to lined up? Will it pour a Red Stripe (short squat bottle) or one of the quart bottles. I keep a myriad of beer varieties in my fridge.

The ultimate robot will be able to open the fridge, locate the beer, open and pour the bottle, and look like someone named "Petra".