BeggingBot: Even Bums Are Being Replaced By Robots

Illustration for article titled BeggingBot: Even Bums Are Being Replaced By Robots

It appears that no job is safe from the steady march of technology. Even beggars are being replaced by robots thanks to Alexander Gurko's "Bettelbot" (or "BeggingBot" in English). Basically, the BeggingBot is a robo-bum that plays music using sounds generated by floppy and hard drive mechanics and then begs for money once the song is concluded. If you place a few coins in the CD tray, the BeggingBot will continue to perform. That having been said, take a listen to the "music" after the break. I think Trent Reznor had better watch his back as well.

[Aram Bartholl via Make via Technabob]



The hard drive platter music is so cool! I'm a little confused about the artist's interpretations. What are his motivations? Is this a message about the looming automation of the future and where we'll fit as a whole, or is he comparing the machine in a present sense to a pan handler, swapping the rolls to make a statement on modern society?