Behold the Cleverest Dog Leash We've Ever Seen

You know that brief moment of concern when you have to momentarily unlatch your dog's leash to wrap it around a pole, and you're a little anxious they're going to bolt? That's now a thing of the past with this incredibly clever Secret Agent Leash. Just below the handle is a built-in set of plastic clips that make it easy to secure your pup anywhere without ever having to unleash them from their tether.

But that's not the Secret Agent Leash's only trick. It's also made from a custom webbing featuring reflective strips for higher visibility when walking your dog at night, and it features an extra loop positioned close to the dog's collar for easily taking more control when needed. The best part, though, is the $20 price tag making this cheaper than most of the leashes you'll find on the rack at your local pet shop. [Paww]


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