You might take a first look at these pumpkins and think 'oh, what a delightful example of squash-based sculpting!', but hold on. These pumpkins weren't carved at all - they were grow that way!

These marvellous Frankenstein's Squashes come from Tony Dighera at Cinagro Farms, who grew the pumpkins in a special mold that forced them into the shape as they grew - similar to the technique used to create cuboid watermelons and whatnot, just at a whole other level of detail. It's a precise art, according to Dighera - the Pumpkin has to be just the right size to get into the mold in the first place, and doing it wrong can speed up the Pumpkin's rotting. But when you get it right, it turns into an outstanding looking Pumpkin:


Image Credit: Monica Almeida for the New York Times

Dighera grew 5,500 Pumpkins at his farm this year, however before you start clamouring to buy one, it's too late - they were so popular they sold out quicker than he could harvest them, and at $75 a pop, that's a pretty pile of cash off your pumpkins. The success has meant Next year, Dighera plans to switch his farm's focus to the molded pumpkins, pumping out between 30-40 thousand of them. That's a lot of Pumpkinsteins!

[The New York Times, via That's Nerdalicious]

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