Beijing Apple Store Triples Security to Fight Scalpers

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Scalpers at the Beijing Apple Store just won't quit. First they caused the store to close. Now Apple has reportedly tripled the store's security and requires customers to be escorted upstairs to buy their iPhone 4. Madness!

After the first scalper surge, Apple instated new policies that required customers to reserve an iPhone 4 online and schedule a time to pick it up in the store. That didn't do much to stymie the scalpers, according to MIC Gadget, so Apple had to call in the reinforcements.


It's reported that Apple has tripled security in the store, stationing a security guard every three meters on the bottom floor. And there aren't even any iPhones on that floor—they're kept upstairs, where customers have to have a reservation and be escorted individually by an employee to pick theirs up.

Meanwhile, the going price for the iPhone 4 is roughly $130 above retail value. But maybe all this could be cleared up if they just made that sign a little less confusing. Which is it, Apple?! iPhones or no iPhones?! [MIC Gadget]