Belkin Shows Us Some ExpressCard Love with N1 Card

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Our ExpressCard slot got some 802.11n action in Vegas this morning (and it wasn't even drunk). Belkin's new N1 Wireless ExpressCard brings super high-speed 802.11 draft performance to your notebook offering a link rate of up to 300Mbps along with greater wireless range. The card also uses up less power, giving your notebook some extra juice life. You can show your ExpressCard slot some Draft N love starting today for $99.


Press Release [Gizmodo]

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Is there a reason why this would be a better choice than a USB Wireless N adapter (D-Link or others)? One benefit I can see to the external USB is portability if I should have a machine without an ExpressCard slot. I am just wondering if there are some significant performance issues or others that make the ExpressCard approach more desirable?