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Belkin to Offer Airgo Wireless Products

This image was lost some time after publication.
This image was lost some time after publication.

Belkin has signed on with wireless vendor Airgo to release new products based on the MIMO wireless technology, a longer-range "multiple in, multiple out" radio system that is compatible with existing Wi-Fi standards (b and g in this case) but can reach speeds of up to 108-megabits per second (compared to 802.11g's 54-mbit rates).


The Belkin products, a MIMO router and a client card, will be the first to officially adopt the MIMO technology, which is in the running to become the next official Wi-Fi standard (Intel is sponsoring its main competitor).

Some companies did the same thing with 802.11g, jumping on board before the standard was officially announced. Remember the other standards? No, me neither.


Read - Belkin looks to speed Wi-Fi products with Airgo tech [CNet via WiFiNetNews]

Update: MobileMag has pictures of the tri-antenna'd units.
Read - Belkin Pre-N Wireless Gear Quadruples 802.11g Devices [MobileMag]

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