Belkin's Conserve Valet reduces cable clutter and, by charging until your gadgets are full and no further, eliminates pesky vampire-draw. Its cousin, the Conserve Insight, will help out by letting you see how much power your other electronics are sucking.

The $40 Conserve Valet lets you charge 4 gadgets and draws zero power once they're charged—a rarity in a world where most chargers continue selfishly sucking power once their duty's done.


The $30 Conserve Insight lets you play energy detective; plugging it in between your electronics and the wall will show you how much wattage they're using and how much CO2 they're generating. OK, easing yourself (and your gadgets) into an energy-aware existence might not necessarily be fun, but at least Belkin's new gear makes it easy. The Conserve Insight and Conserve Valet will be available on Amazon in mid-July. [Belkin]