Belkin's New Receiver Grants Your Old Stereo Bluetooth Powers

Illustration for article titled Belkin's New Receiver Grants Your Old Stereo Bluetooth Powers

If you think it's a crime that you've got to shell out top dollar to get a good sounding wireless speaker system when you've already got a perfectly good wired stereo, Belkin has a cheap solution.


For $60, the Belkin HD Bluetooth Receiver pairs with your Bluetooth enabled device and routes your hot jams to your existing stereo via coax, optical, or 3.5mm audio connections. Even better, if you're using an Android phone running Jelly Bean, Bluetooth pairing is as easy as an NFC tap. Belkin doesn't specify which codecs its new receiver accepts, but, presumably, that "HD" in the product name is supposed to tell us the receiver will not mangle your tunes. [Belkin via Businesswire]



No matter how hard I try I just DO NOT understand the appeal of bluetooth speakers. Is it just the irrational obsession so many technophiles seem to have with eliminating all wires everywhere? Yes, you could spend $60 on this receiver and listen to tinny, crackly music on your stereo via bluetooth (WIRELESSLY!!!1!!) or you could spend $3 on a 3.5mm stereo cable and plug whatever the hell you want into your stereo. I can't imagine hating wires so much that I'd buy and put up with this thing.