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We weren't exactly blown away with Belkin's WeMo home automation system, but for just $90 its new Wi-Fi enabled WeMo Baby sounds like an affordable way to keep tabs on your kids. It turns your iOS devices into portable baby monitors that work anywhere on earth—at least anywhere you have a mobile internet connection.


Once the base station is connected to your home's wireless network and positioned in range of where your child sleeps, all you need is an accompanying iOS app to listen in. It works with multiple devices too, so a babysitter and parents can both keep an ear open for crying. And while the app is free, there's also an optional premium service available from a company called Evoz that adds cry notifications via text or email, and an analysis of your baby's sleep patterns. But that's an extra $10 per month, or $60 per year, and presumably targeted at extra-anxious first time parents. [Belkin via Ubergizmo]


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