BenQ's Fat-measuring Phone Keeps Your Spare Tire in Check

Illustration for article titled BenQs Fat-measuring Phone Keeps Your Spare Tire in Check

We've seen phones with lots of crazy features, but in my opinion BenQ's fat-measuring phone beats them all. The alleged phone keeps track of your pudge by shooting out a micro-current that travels through your body.


When you touch two separate electrodes on the phone, a special chip will measure the electrical signal and before you know it, you'll be dropping those Twinkies in no time flat. I think the idea is pretty far-fetched—the last thing anyone wants is a phone telling them when they've had one too many Doritos.


Body Fat Measuring Phone from BenQ [Unwired View]

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I have a bathroom scale that does a similar thing, except that if your BMI is over 25% then it flashes "OBESE" along with your weight. This slight humiliation is actually a decent motivator to get some exercise.

Maybe the phone could shout out a motivational phrase everytime you pick it up with your pudgy little hands.