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Previously available as a 40-inch model in the States, Bang & Olufsen have upgraded their BeoVision 7 with a 55-inch LCD, direct-type LED-backlight with local dimming for greater contrast, two motorized floor stand options and room for a Blu-ray player.


They have also significantly upped the price to $18,700—and that's just for the TV, stand and center speaker. Of course, just because you can afford a TV like this doesn't mean you should. Consider the following blurb from the press release:

BeoVision 7-55 integrates the sophisticated Bang & Olufsen BeoSystem 3 video engine, which delivers superior signal processing due to the VisionClear package of picture improvement technologies. In addition, Bang & Olufsen has included double frame rate technology, also known as 120 Hz, with motion compensation and progressive scanning backlight. These technologies significantly reduce the inherent blur typical of LCD screens. With BeoVision 7-55 the picture is clear and sharp even during fast-moving scene


Just the other day we were considering the issue of motion blur in LCDs and how the problem has been all but eliminated in most mid to high end sets. Who knows how much they tacked on to the price tag by exaggerating the importance of technology that probably doesn't do any better than an LCD you bought for a fraction of the price. I mean it's a good looking piece of equipment, but it's not worth all that money just because it looks cool and it was made in Denmark. [Bang & Olufsen via PR Newswire]

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