B&O BeoVision 7 Fully Satisfies the Snob in You

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Yes, they did it again. Danish pals, clown number and technology re-packers Bang & Olufsen want to sell you another Samsung LCD panel in a nice box: the BeoVision 7. Nothing wrong with that. Their 40-inch TV with integrated DVD and central speaker certainly looks amazing, but when Kim Gravesen, B&O Chief here, says she's he's "very excited for the arrival of BeoVision 7 as it is truly an unparalleled LCD television and home entertainment unit that exhibits renowned Bang & Olufsen design and technology" I just have to jump in.


Three words for you, Kim. Made. In. Korea.

At least the LCD panel. However, if you really want unparalleled technology for its $13,250 price tag, you can get yourself a better Samsung Full HD TV, a good AV receiver and some good speakers. And if you want something with good quality to look great on your bachelor pad then burn that credit card in the BeoVision 7. And eat less danish pastry.

Bang & Olufsen Introduces BeoVision 7 - Its Premier LCD Screen to Arrive in North America [PR Newswire]

UPDATED: My error, Kim is a man. My fault for letting my sculptural-scandinavian-goddesses obsession make me assume that he was a she instead of checking that fact.




Let me guess, this was actually more than just a few years back, more like pre-2000, right?

B&O has been more than just repackaged Phillips gear for quite some years now.

There was a time when B&O was overpriced junk, but it's certainly not that way now.

What you don't see here and when people generally talk about B&O is the extensive listening and viewing panel tests, the algorithms involved in getting the best performance from the Samsung and Panasonic panels and the extensive engineering and interoperability throughout the product range.

It's still way too expensive for my budget, but it is definitely nice stuff.

And BS on the "Made. In. Korea." statement. Do you really think they just buy a Samsung LCD TV and slap a B&O logo on it? That would be quite disrespectful to the hundreds of very proud workers who put together the products. It's made in Denmark, and that's part of the reason why it's so expensive.

(Yes, I am a dane myself.)