Best Beer Dispenser Ever

Even if you fill it up with that watery swill known as American beer, this Asahi beer dispensing machine spotted in Narita Airport in Japan can bring the sacred suds from keg to glass with flawless precision. It's much better than the ponderous and goofy Asahi beer robot we were inexplicably raving about last month.

The video says it all—watch it tilt the glass just so as it pours the brewski, and then adds a perfectly-measured head to the top using a separate nozzle. It's the next best thing to the skilled hands of a journeyman barkeep. Makes me thirsty just watching it.

Greatest Invention EVER!! [Herpdaddy's Journal]

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After I partake in a few more libations than I should, having a machine like this be able to pour me a beer without spilling would be a huge step up from my current drunken stooper efforts. Heck, I can even get past that rice-beer crap they serve in Japan at that particular point in my drunken afternoon.