Best Buy and TiVo Tie the Knot, Insignia TVs to Get DVR Software

Illustration for article titled Best Buy and TiVo Tie the Knot, Insignia TVs to Get DVR Software

In marketing parlance, this is a strategic partnership by which TiVo, with the help of Best Buy store placement and aggressive advertising, will increase its market share, and Best Buy, through advertising placements in TiVo DVRs, will develop long-term relationships with its customers. In irritating child parlance, it's Best Buy and TiVo, sittin' in a Tree, M-A-R-K-E-T-I-N-G. Either works.


TiVo will make a custom box for the retailer, but don't get too excited about that: it sounds like a rebranding effort, meaning that your Best Buy TiVo will be quite a bit like your TiVo TiVo, except yellower. Better news is that Best Buy is reported to be pushing for Insignia—for which they are the exclusive retailer—to include TiVo software, which would be fantastic. For now though, this is just playground NYT hearsay official announcement is expected shortly. [NYT]



I really think integrating this type of device into a TV, is asking for it, but then again, all in one PC's are pretty much the SEX, especially for something like a bedroom, or wall mounting situations.

One thing I don't get is why TIVO doesn't come out with an HD cablecard box that works over usb 2, usb 3, fw400, fw800, that includes software (good software), for windows AND OS X.

That would sell like hot cakes. If I had that, I could easily integrate into my mac mini HTPC, and switch between it's app, and boxee, in a second.