Best Buy Deal: 15% Off, Open Box

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Always looking out for you, dear readers, we tip our hat to our consumer watchdog brethren at The Consumerist, who pointed us to this 15% Off deal at Best Buy on open box computers, notebooks, monitors and projectors.


But Best Buyer beware, because sometimes there is some unfortunate reason why a box was opened, its contents rejected and returned. Other times, someone received the gift and didn't know what to do with it.

One other small detail: you'll need to actually print out the coupon and take it to one of Best Buy's brick-and-mortar stores before July 13th to take advantage of this deal. Check it out, save 15%, but don't get burned by Best Buy's $150 cables that you can buy for $6 elsewhere.


15% Off Coupon [Best Buy, via The Consumerist]

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I purchased a laptop at Best Buy I was informed by the sales women Jessica B of many services they have such as the geek squad and insurance also that there was a 14 day refund policy however I was not informed that there was a restocking fee which equals 15% of the purchase price. When I brought it back because the keys were not comfortable for me I was told by the manager on duty Casey of the restocking fee when I explained to the manager that the saleswomen never informed me he told me she should have and then went on to say the policy is on the back of the receipt (which I never looked at because the saleswomen was so knowledgable I did not think anything of it. My point is when do you get a receipt? After you purchase an item. There are also no signs posted where the check outs are to state this procedure. I also explained to the store how most other businesses explain any final details of return and even circle the back. I had no idea that certain items such as laptops would be subject to this procedure. If I had known I would have never purchased it there since I never owned a lap top before.