HDMI Cable: Price Gouging?

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Yesterday we mentioned Best Buy selling Monster HDMI cables for upwards of $80, and reader Todd pointed us to a website offering no-name 6-foot HDMI cables for $6.37. Taking a quick glance at the Best Buy website, there's an HDMI Cable that's 2 feet shorter, a 4-foot length from Monster Cable for $149.99. The lowest-priced HDMI Cable we could find there was a 3-foot length by Acoustic Research for the relative bargain price of $72.99.

We dug a little deeper, and noticed that Best Buy wasn't the only electronics purveyor hopping on the HDMI gravy train. Checking online stores, it appears that everyone wants to get in on the act of selling Monster Cable—or any HDMI Cable—for seemingly inflated prices. Of course, these cables are gold plated, right? Help us out here. Is there really $143.62 worth of difference? How can we test this?

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As an ex best buy dude I can say that the truth lies in the middle.

Audio cable quality does make a difference in sound quality - not as much as monster says - but it's also not negligible as suggested by many comments seen here. (Although I do have a problem with the HDMI pricing)

My favorite monster products are their clean power power strips which I have seen first hand their effectivness in cleaning up a picture on an HD TV.