A three-foot hole in the roof, footprints on a pipe leading up the side of the building, no alarm ringing, no one on any security footage and missing 20 laptops. Mission Impossible follow up or Best Buy burglary?

The incident is being dubbed the Mission Impossible burglary because the thieves apparently never touched the floor of the New Jersey Best Buy store—they would've set off an alarm if they did. Instead shimmied up a gas pipe, cut a hole in the ceiling of the place, and "dropped 16 feet to 10-foot-tall racks" to snatch the laptops from there. The crew cleverly avoided being caught on any security footage and left the store as quietly as they entered it.


Officers believe that about two to three people were needed to pull off the entire stunt, but I think they just need to ask a certain scientologist about his whereabouts for this particular evening. [NJ]