Best Buy Not Always Best Buy

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Looks like Best Buy is doing the old "two price tango." It's not that they're doing actually offering two prices—they have every right—but that's the first time I've seen it so egregiously in the wild.

Reader Todd sends us a missive from the big box heartland after the jump.

The web browsers from within the store show many prices that are $20-$50 higher than the same web page when accessed from outside of the store (like in your house). This was confirmed to me by two store managers. If you ask for the lower price, they'll honor it. So, you see a low price on the website (even when you select "in-store pickup") and when you get to the store, the actual price is much higher.

Here's an example.

Notice the "On Sale Now" yellow box on this web page. This camera sells for $359.99 on the web site (even when you choose "in-store pickup), but sells for $399.99 in store. The yellow box on the web page does not appear when using a web browser within any Best Buy store.


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