Best Buy Will Give You At Least $200 for Your Old iPad 2 or iPad 3

That old iPad 2 of yours too blurry for your precious eyes? That fantastically beautiful screen on the iPad 3 too heavy to lift for your puny muscles? Best Buy is willing to take those old tablets off your hands for at least 200 bucks. This Friday June 12th and Saturday June 13th, Best Buy is doing a trade-in event where it'll give you a $200 gift card for your old iPads. You can get more than that too.

A brand new new new iPad is coming eventually. We don't know when exactly, but it won't be too many moons from now. If you haven't been really using your iPad or think you can live without an iPad for a few months, it might be a good idea to swap out your old iPad for credit towards a new one. Best Buy is even saying that in some cases, it'll give you more than $200 depending on the model and condition your iPad is in.


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