Several years ago, Wired wrote up Best Buy's high-end gadget concept store called Escape. It sounded nice, but it was local-only (Chicago I believe.) I didn't think they had the balls to pull it off, but they've just brought it online. The selection is tiny, but its all good stuff. I'm talking about Raon UMPCs, OQOs, and other imported goods; gear you'd find on Gizmodo, but not ever on your local superstore's shelves.

That changes now.

And what's interesting to Gizmodo readers is that Best Buy's partnered with Dynamism, the english-language reprogrammers and importers of Foreign Geek Fetish objects that we write about now and again. For now, we don't get anything from buying from Best Buy instead of Dynamism. The stuff is already in stock over at the Dynamism store. And they've been written up in the NYTimes, and already have a stellar reputation and customer service. But I'm willing to bet they'll be getting some exclusive new gear at the Escape store, soon enough.


And who's to say they won't get other partners? Hot grey market action coming from Best Buy?! Insanely cool, but it would be a shame if some of the hotter gadgets lost their lust-worthiness because any schmuck could pick em up. Obviously, its a good business deal for Dynamism, but Best Buy is lucky that they've got a buzz worthy company in their corner. (I'm still very, very sour about GeekSquad's shitty service.)

Escape Store Live [Twice]

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