Best Car Gadget Ever

Here's an oldie but goodie: A couple of hell-raising drug runners had what they thought was a failsafe way to eject drugs if they got stopped by the cops. They got a 3-foot-tall hobby rocket, put their cache of methamphetamine inside its body, and then wired up its rocket engine to the car's cigarette lighter for easy ignition. They had an elaborate system of strings and pulleys to open the trunk and launch the rocket if the need arose.

And guess what? The need arose.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol chased after these two guys, but for some reason they couldn't activate the rocket. They were so busted. Turns out they had stashed two pounds of meth inside that rocket, but weren't able to pull off the launch. Maybe it was the speed. Of the car.


That was not all they had, either—apparently they had a big hot evening planned, because included in their abundant stash of other drugs were 41 Viagra tablets.

methrocket = best car gadget ever! [Richard Blakeley, via DEA]


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