Best Excuse for a Late Package Ever (Updated)

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We've all received weird "shipping-delayed" notifications. Usually they're something inane like "address does not exist" even though you're standing right there. The one I got just now from UPS, however, is rather special. I'm sorry, did you say train derailment!?

We're reaching out to UPS for a comment. In the meantime, anybody else's package go missing due to a mysterious locomotive disaster?

UPDATE: Turns out it was the BNSF freight train and it happened in Wolf Point, MT.

The derailed cars, the equivalent of about two-dozen regular-sized cars, derailed in accordion fashion with some piling on top of others and some ending up on their sides. Some cars were ripped open and spilled freight, including designer handbags, shoes, batteries and canoes.


So there you have it. If you get a package in the next day or two that looks like, oh I dunno, maybe a train rolled over on top of it? Now you know why. [AP]

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Brent Rose

UPS called me back to confirm everything. They said it's uncommon, but it happens, and when it does they like to be specific in the Exception Reason field. The accident happened a couple of days ago, but I just got the email today. That's the time it took for UPS to arrive at the scene, start cleaning up, and get my package to another UPS office where it's then scanned. He said that sometimes that happens in the same day, but that's usually only when there's a derailment in an urban area. Since this one happened in the sticks and it was a rather serious pileup (more than a dozen cars accordioning into each other) it took some time.

The other fun fact: UPS uses our railroad system more than any other company. The more ya know.