Between Waves' Trailer Explores a Love Story Across Parallel Dimensions

io9 is debuting the trailer for director and co-writer Virginia Abramovich's new sci-fi romance.

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A man and a woman look at each other underwater.
Luke Robinson and Fiona Graham in Between Waves.
Image: Jordan Entertainment

Imagine that the person you love most went missing—and stayed missing so long that everyone else in your orbit (including the exasperated detective on the ever-colder case) encouraged you to move on. But though you can’t be certain, you keep thinking you’re getting glimpses of them as they flit around the perimeter of your life. Are you seeing a ghost...or is something way more science-fiction-y going on? And how far would you go to find out?

That’s the dilemma faced by Jamie (Fiona Graham) in the new “metaphysical romance” movie Between Waves. io9 is debuting the movie’s trailer today, and you can watch it right here.

The trailer definitely gives away one big plot development, which is that in the world of Between Waves, parallel universes are real. (Multiverses: so hot right now!) But it also brings up a very good point: “If you were crossing from one dimension to another, how would you know which one was yours?” Even Rick and Morty’s Rick Sanchez, master of portal technology, sometimes runs into problems in that department—so you can imagine that Jamie, who dives into all of this with what looks like the frenzied energy of a conspiracy theorist, might become easily confounded.


Here’s the synopsis of the film, which also stars Luke Robinson (The Boys) as the long-lost Isaac: “Jamie is haunted by inter-dimensional visits from her presumed dead lover Isaac. He persuades her to join him in this parallel dimension. Straddling a fine line between enlightenment and madness, how far will Jamie go before she’s in too deep?” Directed by Virginia Abramovich, who also co-wrote with Katherine Andrews, Between Waves arrives in North America in select theaters, as well as on digital and VOD, on September 21.

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