Bicycle Handlebar Bag Mutates Into Carry-All Purse

It's cycling season once again, which means everyone's trying to remember how the heck they managed to carry around groceries, laptops, and the rest of our daily baggage while riding around on a bike. This smart new bag from Freitag could be the answer.

The new Freitag F60 Joan—named, if you must know, for the Mad Men character—is a two-for-one bag that'll make women wonder why they ever bothered with a saddlebags or an over-the-shoulder messenger. When you're on two feet, the bag looks like any other large purse—except of course that like all Freitag bags it's made from upcycled materials, so it has the company's trademark vinyl sheen. But when it's time to hop on your bike, the bag has two straps on the back so you can firmly attach it to your handlebars and ride away. The F60 Joan also expands and contacts to fit the needs of your load, and you can even strap items to the exterior. Isn't it wonderful when everything's snugly in its place? The F60 Joan costs $210. [Freitag via Core77]


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