Big Idiot Drives Into Even Bigger Sinkhole Because He Was Staring at His Phone

There are a lot of reasons not to stare at your phone while you’re driving. A little kid might jump into the road, a car in front of you might have to stop unexpectedly, or a giant fucking sinkhole might swallow the entire road. A man in China learned that last one the hard way recently.


CCTV footage shows the man on his scooter, staring at his phone before driving directly into the sinkhole. The incident took place in the southwestern city of Beihai, and remarkably the man wasn’t seriously injured. In fact, he reportedly climbed out of the hole all by himself.

The Guardian has video of the incident:

So, again, let that be a lesson to all drivers everywhere. Even if you’re on calm surface streets with barely any traffic in sight, put your phone away until you’ve reached your destination.

The year 2017 has clearly shown that the Earth is tired of humanity’s bullshit. And it’s probably going to deliver plenty more sinkholes to remind us just how weak we really are. I wouldn’t be surprised if the sun itself stopped shining today, just to spite us. You never know.

[The Guardian]



The best part is the guy giving zero fucks walking to the hole. Like he was thinking, “idiot I hope he broke everything.”