Biker Miraculously Survives a 250-Foot Plunge Off a Mountain Road

GIF: YouTube

In addition to capturing moments of road rage, an action cam mounted on a motorcycle rider’s helmet can occasionally record a straight-up miracle, as was the case with Matthew Murray who ended up plummeting 250-feet off a mountain road after a problem with his bike’s steering.


After a failed attempt to lean into the corner, Murray hit the mountain road’s gravel shoulder at more than 40 miles per hour, made it impossible to to stop his bike using its brakes before it plunged over the edge of the cliff, which didn’t have a guardrail.

Shockingly, Murray was able to get up and walk away from where he landed, but wasn’t able to get to his bike to call 911 from his phone. He instead had to climb back up the hill and flag down a passing car to contact emergency personnel for him. Despite being able to walk, Murray still suffered a broken back, collarbone, hip, pelvis, and has two punctured lungs which will require at least a couple of months to recover. If you’re feeling generous, and want to help Murray with his medical bills, you can find a GoFundMe set up for him here.


[YouTube via Autoblog]

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Maybe I’m being a dick, but “a problem with his bike’s steering” really just means “a problem with the rider,” right?