Biking With Growlers Just Got Easier

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There are always problems when you're trying to balance a lot of stuff on a bike. It either all in bags on the handlebars, or in one of your arms or in a backpack. It messes with your center of gravity. But at least with these Growler Cages you can transport your growlers (as you often do) from point A to point B without having to worry about anything.


The cages are made of steel and have neoprene sheaths to protect the growler glass and bike paint. They have an adjustable mount and take the place of a water bottle holder. They're also made in Minneapolis. At $55 each they're not exactly a steal, but it's a grab and go situation, which is what we all want when we pack two growlers and leave the house. [Cool Material]



Respect for the idea, but not feeling the market. Two growlers in, there is NO WAY I'm biking those bottles back for the refund.