Billionaire Richard Branson Will Be a Flight Attendant After Losing a Bet

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In the richest of rich person problems, airline-and-Formula-One-team-owner Richard Branson just lost a bet to airline-and-Formula-One-team-owner Tony Fernandes. The stakes? He's got to be a flight attendant on an Air Asia flight from Kuala Lumpur to London.

The two comically rich billionaires were betting on the aforementioned Formula One teams. Neither ended up being good this season, but because Fernandes' was slightly less bad than Branson's, the latter's going to hand out mini pretzels and tomato juice for a few hours. The horror!


The date hasn't been set yet, but seats on the flight will be auctioned off, with proceeds going towards a charity of Branson's choosing. Seems like a lot of effort if you weren't going from Kuala Lumpur to London anyway, but hey! As long as that's the least ridiculous thing about the situation, I'm cool with it. [Stuff NZ via Neatorama]