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Bipedal Lawn Mowing Robot Shows Tech Not Quite Mature Yet

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

One Mega-Dynamizer robot, one lawnmower, one lawn. Result: "nice try: bring on Version 2.0." The video is from Sugiura-san, creator of the Mega Dynamizer and ROBO-ONE champion roboticist. And while the robot doesn't whizz about confidently like a Roomba for grass, probably doing a pretty patchy mow and taking that unfortunate tumble, it's pretty impressive for a first attempt. I can see the potential: I hate mowing the lawn, and any robotic assistance would be welcome. As long as it can also do some weeding, perhaps some leaf-raking, and that dangerous trailing cable goes in future versions. Notice the dog being calm?… probably the robot's slow progress makes it less exciting than Mario. [Robots Dreams via Bot Junkie]