Black Friday Story Giveaway—Win a Mio H610 Personal GPS Navigator

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This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

I know a bunch of you gadget freaks braved the cold to get some hot deals, and there has to be some great stories that emerged from your experiences. Steal an old lady's walker so you could beat her to the HDTVs? We want to hear about it. Jot down the story and email it to with Black Friday Story in the subject line. If you didn't partake in shopping this year but still have a good holiday shopping story from the past, e-mail it to us anyway and you will still be in the running. Try to keep the stories reasonable in length—no need to write a novel about your experience. Out attention span is pretty short, keep in mind.

The best story will win a Mio H610 Personal GPS Navigator and media player. It is a handheld GPS navigator that could be great for navigating you from store to store next Black Friday. All of the standard Gawker Contest Rules apply. The contest ends Friday, December 1.


Sponsored by Mio DigiWalker H610 Personal GPS Navigator & Media Player. No bigger than a deck of cards, the H610 provides voice-guided directions to almost any address in Canada and the U.S. and lets you enjoy all your digital media along the way.

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I have a good one for yah!

So it's Black Friday, of course. I woke up at 4:30AM to hit the stores hard, not because I wanted to, but because I was forced to. Since I was home for Thanksgiving and had a drivers licience, I was press-ganged into this lovely arrangement. I would be buying the gifts for my youngest siblings, a Nintendo DS (pink)and a V-Smile Pocket, etc. in the store. All the while, my mother would be doing shopping online from the comfort of her bed with a 17' laptop and watching her big screen TV. Already, this sucks.

One of my brothers (15) came down the stairs right as I was leaving around 4:50AM. Hell, if I was going to be press-ganged, he would be too - only by me. I made him get in the car and we drove to the store. It was a frenzy! I had to fight through angry gangs of soccer moms and desperate dads just to get to the video game area.

We were some of the first people to get there and they tell me that they ran out of the DS lite pink, in fact they ran out of all the DS lites. At that point, I was forced to use my persuasions of the female kind. I flirted with this greezy teenager to get this thing from his private stash he planned to ebay. It's Black Friday, what other choice did I have?

So we manage to get what we came for and move into the line. It was only 5:30AM and the line already streched to the TV Dept. I stayed in that line for 2.5 hours holding everything in my hands because of course there were no carts or carriers in the whole store! Thus, it was even suckier.

Finally I had made it near the front and had everything ready, right down to the credit card in my hand. This guy by me, not in line starts asking people where the end of the line is, people point to the guy holding baloons at the end of a corkscrew by the Plasmas. The guy throws a fit, cussing a swearing to the point my face turned pale. Then he turned to me and shoved me hard (with all my elctronic goodies in hand), I flew hitting a cart and eventually the back of my head struck a display corner. My packages went every which place. My brother without hesitation plows the guy in the gut. Guy falls down panting, gasping for air and security takes the guy away.

I end up with a few bruises and a gash in the back of my head, not to mention a splitting headache. Bastard sales people wouldn't even give me a freaking discount.

Long story short, I score major brownie points and mom hates my brother less.

Oh, did I mention my brother is a lineman?

BTW: If you question its creditability, I can tell you the store this happened at. Also, to any spelling or grammar msitkaes please forgive this computer engineer.