Black Friday Technology Deals Start Now

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If you can't wait until Black Friday to hunt for deals for the holidays, or you just need to upgrade your gear now in these times of economic uncertainty-why save if everything is going to hell? Spend!-here's a round up with the lastest deals we have found on the Web, from an unlocked Nokia N82 for $389 (originally $650) and a $14.99 Motorola Bluetooth headset, to a $199 Insignia Blu-ray player (originally $230) and a $799 high definition 42-inch Samsung plasma to match. And that's just the beginning, there are MP3 players, GPS, and more TVs:

Panasonic 32'' HDTV for $599. Originally $699.

Samsung 42' plasma for $799. Usually goes for around $1000.

Unlocked Nokia N82 for $389. Originally $650.


8GB USB Flash drive $17.99. Originally $37.99.


Insignia Blu Ray player $199. Originally $230.

Garmin nuvi 4.3 inch Widescreen portable GPS $199.99. Originally $749.99.

Sony Bravia Z-Series 46 inch hdTV $1,842. Originally $2,799.


Motorola H350 Bluetooth Headset for $14.99. Originally $49.99.


SanDisk Sansa 6GB MP3 player for $39.99. Originally $219.99.

Element 32'' HDTV for $499.99. Originally $579.99.

LG 42 inch 720p HDV for $799.99. Originally $1099.99.


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Brandsmart USA has your choice of a 52" Sharp, Samsung or Sony LCD for $1498.

I thought that was a really good deal.

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