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Black People Like BlackBerries and Asians Like iPhones

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Nielsen doesn't just track TV watching stats, they track mobile phone usage as well, and their 2010 smartphone stats are quite interesting. Did you know Asians love the iPhone? And black people hate it, but love BlackBerries?


It's also interesting that the Hispanic and White columns are so similar, because when you compare that to this following graph:


it shows that actual smartphone penetration is much lower among Whites than Hispanics and Asians. So even though Hispanics and whites use the same types of phones—when they do use smarpthones—whites use smartphones a lot less.

And if this chart is more-or-less accurate, we're at the meeting point where Android, BlackBerry and iPhones are holding pretty much equal marketshare. This will definitely change after the next quarter or two, when Verizon iPhone users show how much demand there really was. [Nielsen]