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BlackBerry 9000 Specifications Change For the Better

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We previously brought you bad news concerning the specifications of the lust-worthy BlackBerry 9000 (a.k.a 9100.) Well, according to BGR, RIM has just changed the details of the device, which is now set to include UMTS and HSDPA. As if that was not good news enough, there is another interesting piece of new information.


The OS is set for a complete upgrade to version 5.0. It is not clear when this will occur, but the chaps at BGR seem to think the 9000 will ship with the standard version 4.3.2, with the upgrade to follow by the end of the year. As to what new features will be implemented, that is anybody's guess, but it is promising news nonetheless. The hotly anticipated BlacBerry 9000 is likely to be launched at this year's Wireless Enterprise Symposium, and we just cannot wait. [BGR]